Gone, but Not Forgotten
Project Accordionman was an ambitious RPG project that was being developed by myself and a small cohort of friends from 2003 until its cancellation in 2009. During this project, I gained and trained a variety of technical skills - I was responsible for creating the game's visuals, from branding to UI to sprites, key art and other concept work. 
Overworld Sprites
The main character, Rabid, had the most complete sprite work done before the project's cancellation. Each character was meant to have 8 directional animations, often with 8 frames per animation. The most important lesson learned was how to realistically scope a project to avoid an unsustainable workload!
This character, Heyew, was the second main character. Animating the tentacle on his head was a logistical challenge that required me to learn to build and rig 3D models for each character to keep secondary animation consistent.
BLK MLK (Pronounced "Black Milk") was the last of the main party, and since his sprite was asymmetric, it was the most complex to make and had the fewest complete assets upon the cancellation of the game.
This sprite sheet is for comparing other humanoid sprites to. I made it as a quick reference when I was developing the project's visual design.
Portraits and UI Mockups for Battle scenes. Each character had an MP gauge with a silly custom name. The game used an HP system similar to Earthbound with slot style numbers that decrease slowly to give the player time to heal or run from mortal damage.
Other Pixel Assets
These incomplete sprites were battle scene sprites. Few other pixel assets were completed and ready for use in game. Project Accordionman used a side view turn based battle system, but poor scoping prevented it from being explored further than designs on paper.

Other Works

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