Personal Branding Guidelines & Assets
Since 2001, I have used the inverted smile logo and BLK MKT logotype as a personal brand marker including the font selection outlined in these pages. The horizontal strips are used in social media posts as page footers, designed particularly for blog posts on Tumblr.  
Social Media Signage
I have developed signs and advertisements for illustration services I offer on my website and social media platforms. Variants were created for social media platforms that use square aspect ratios as well as wider platforms.
Business Cards
I have developed printed business cards featuring my illustrations, using 9 variants.
Game Development Branding
Branding for my game development efforts was established as complimentary to my main work as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and was represented in orange. The "M" glyph is made to represent a DNA strand, implying simple building blocks to make a more complex whole.

Other Works

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